Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Tips That Help Ensure A Quick House Sale

Sellers have many different reasons for wanting to sell a house fast. Whenever they ask me for advice I always mention that when I want to sell my house fast I start thinking about buyers I know who might have a need to purchase a house fast. Rarely do I rely on the local multiple listing service to produce a buyer, and I usually get busy marketing my house by owner.

Are you wondering what I do to sell my house fast? Well, the first thing I do is schedule a little time to look over the house very carefully to determine if I need to make any repairs or do any remodeling. Of course this is not the time for big remodeling projects, but it's definitely the time to thoroughly inspect and take care of loose ends, such as fixing dripping faucets, sticking kitchen drawers or flapping linoleum and wallpaper. Little things matter very much when potential buyers are looking around. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression; it only happens the first time around.

Whenever I complete the cleaning up and fixing up phase of my preparation when selling a house, then I get busy and post ads online and run ads in the newspaper to promote my open house. I hold my own open houses to for interested neighbors, and hopefully their family and friends, too, as well as anybody else who sees the ad online or in the newspaper. Curiosity seekers will always show up, but you never know when they will turn out to have a friend or a family member interested in moving into the neighborhood.

If nobody buys my house immediately at my open house, I prepare to make a big financial decision, meaning the decision whether I want to keep marketing my house to sell it on my own, in attempt to get the most money possible, or to call another real estate investor looking for investment property. When I want to sell my house fast I usually call several of my contacts to let them know about my house for sale. Many times we make a deal within a few or even a few hours.

Try these ideas yourself whenever you need to sell a house fast, too. Get your house ready to show, hold your own open house, and then be prepared to call real estate investors to make you an offer if that's the route you choose to take. It's completely your own decision; just be sure to make it in a timely manner.